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While equipment choice is important, it remains vital to choose a high quality HVAC contractor. Not only will they recommend the equipment best suited to your needs, they’ll make sure it’s installed in the right way and will continue to be available should it have any problems.

It’s best to steer clear of contractors who want to recommend equipment without thorough analysis of your home comfort situation, 不管他们说他们做过多少类似的房子, 事实是所有的家庭都有差异. A professional estimator does the work on each proposal and every home in order to make the best recommendation, just like a professional pilot inspects his plane each and every time he flies.

Here is a list of common mistakes homeowners make when choosing a heating & 冷却承包商,以及如何避免他们:

1. Don’t think that all contractors are all the same, except for price. 一分钱一分货.

和人一样,有很多不同类型的承包商. 有些人经受住了时间的考验, 别人是“野鸡大学”, 一些公司把客户满意度作为一种战略, 其他公司则专注于尽可能多地销售设备, hoping that they can just get new customers to replace the ones they haven’t looked after.

而大多数暖通空调公司是诚实和努力工作的, the majority don’t have the right business systems in place to ensure a good customer experience. Between not performing a proper analysis and Manual J heat load before recommending equipment, 没有做适当的调查在 安装, or not having the capacity to properly support the customer after 安装, many contractors find themselves unable to ensure a consistently high quality experience.

2. Don’t get talked into installing HVAC equipment without a permit

Many contractors try to avoid getting permits, since it puts their work under a microscope. 拥有许可证不仅能保护你, 它确保工作至少达到法律标准.

3. 不要选择不可靠的承包商

暖通空调的安装 is a complicated business, so please make sure you choose someone with a long track record. Most contractors go underwater and disappear within 5 to 10 years. 考虑到暖通空调设备大约15年的寿命, and the fact that it’s always best to have the installer continue to service the system, you are always best served by a company who has proven itself by being in business for at least 15 years.


  • 你做这行多久了?
  • 你在BBB注册了吗?
  • Do you have both general liability and workers compensation insurance? (so that nothing can land on you if someone is injured on the job.)
  • 你们有商业办公场所吗?地址在哪里? (为了避开那些在车库里工作的家伙!)
  • 安装人员和工作人员穿制服吗? (这再次证明了良好的商业实践.)
  • 有满意的书面保证吗?
  • 他们和厂家的关系好吗? 如果你的设备出了什么问题,这是至关重要的.)
  • One more tip – a good contractor usually has a nice, clean and organized office space. If you are planning to spend a large amount of money with a contractor, it doesn’t hurt to visit their place of business if they take care of their own space, 他们更有可能照顾你的家.
4. Don’t work with a contractor who doesn’t properly analyze your needs

Doing a full Manual J Heat Load calculation is the only way to properly size a new system to your home. 没有这个, an estimator is guessing what size of equipment will meet your needs and give you the best energy efficiency (i.e. 最低的能源费用.)

做这个计算需要时间和专业知识. if a contractor doesn’t do this automatically (without you asking for it) it’s a sure sign he is looking for a quick sale rather than a long time relationship.

You wouldn’t trust a doctor who prescribes medicine without a full examination first, 这也没有什么不同.

5. Don’t choose a contractor who doesn’t ask you (a lot) of questions

Many contractors just want to tell you about their services and products. The best companies will take a lot of time to get to know you, and your specific needs. It takes longer, but it’s all about giving you as the customer a great experience and solution. 这是关于你,而不是他们. They should also take the time to explain different options to you, and answer any and all questions you may have so that you can feel confident in your decision.

6. 不要只根据初始成本来做决定

价格肯定是一个因素, 但是有多少次你买了基于价格的东西, 结果发现你得到了你所付出的?

价格是质量的良好反映, and it is worth paying more for the peace of mind of a good quality 安装, 通过适当的许可, 公司支持和长期节能.

Price should also be fixed, unless there are major changes to the scope of work. 一旦你签了合同,你的价格就应该是固定的. This is why we at Signature prefer to do a full analysis before giving a price, rather than making guesses over the phone without ever seeing the home.

7. 不要屈服于高压销售策略

A good estimator is there to make sure you get the best equipment for your unique situation. He should be firm and confident in his recommendation, but not pushy or aggressive. 他当然不应该使用高压销售策略, 比如让你内疚而签约, 告诉你可供使用的设备数量有限, 等.

Remember that purchasing a new HVAC unit is a long term relationship. 你使用的公司将为它服务多年, 照看你的保修期, 等 and the estimator is a representative of the company culture.

8. 不要被迫付现金

小心那些要你付现金的承包商. Either you are walking into a relationship with a company who has tax or payroll problems, or you are dealing with someone who is doing work on the side rather than for the company whose uniform they are wearing. Which we’ve seen happen and which will void most of your warranties.

9. 不要与没有进行适当测试的承包商合作

一个好的承包商会“测试进来”和“测试出去”. 换句话说, they will run an analysis on both the old and the new system to ensure proper running and efficiency. 这是一个真正的暖通专业人士的标志. 而不是在安装后测试系统, the other guys will be well on their way to finding the next person to take money from.

在签名处,beplay安卓版下载的目标是成为 空调 & 加热承包商 谁在新墨西哥州提供最好的端到端体验. We do a great 安装 of quality equipment without pretending that every 安装 is without hitch. 因为每个家庭都是不同的, challenges in installing the system always exist where Signature is most different from our competition is our commitment to making our 安装s right, 和beplay安卓版下载的客户一起工作,直到他们满意, 无论付出什么代价.